All Deporte watches are covered by an international warranty against any manufacturing defects that will by honored by all authorized Deporte service centers. This warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase of the watch from an authorized retailer.

Warranty Terms

The maintenance service and repairs should be made only in an authorized service center. Any work performed on a Deporte watch by an unauthorized person or entity shall automatically render this warranty null and void.

At purchase time, it is important to register your watch on the Deporte website www.deportewatches.com in the “Warranty Registration Section”.

Leather and rubber straps are not included in the 1-year warranty.

Certain damage (violent shock, forced strap) is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty does not apply to loss or theft.


Every Deporte watch initially includes a one year warranty that begins from the moment that the watch is purchased from an authorized Deporte seller. This warranty against manufacturer defects comes at no cost to the original purchaser of the timepiece and requires that it be registered on our website once received so that it may later be checked for validity.

If you have purchased your watch in the secondary market from an unauthorized reseller, the original manufacturer’s warranty is not valid unless you have a valid original proof of purchase (unaltered or modified) from an authorized seller*. If you do not have a copy if the original proof of purchase, an extended warranty may be purchased online by emailing info@deportewatches.com or through our customer service department at (972) 242-4045, option 2 at a cost of $50.00. This extended warranty will be valid for a period of one year from date of purchase. If you have a valid proof of purchase from an authorized seller, the original one year warranty from the original date of purchase will apply.

Credit Card or Paypal accepted.

* Please see our Contact Us page for a list of authorized Deporte sellers.